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  • Top 5 things I have learned as a Photographer

  • After 20 years in the photo business and the last 10 years as a full time photographer, I have seem this industry change. Here are my Top 5 Things I have learned as a photographer: PASSION: is the only thing that will keep you going year after year. You will have clients that are delightful and[...]
  • Two for One Photo Sessions... What?

  • Through the years as a photographer, I have realized that scheduling and getting ready either High School Senior Photos or Family Photos takes a tremendous amount of time. I know that making sure there is an open date among sports schedules, play practices, and family life is a challenge. Selecting [...]
  • I was my own client

  • I had the great privilege of photographing a special Senior last weekend.... my son Reid. It's hard to believe that four years have passed so quickly, but then again I know all too well that time is fleeting. I was looking forward to this particular photoshoot because as we all know, photographers r[...]