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  • Who's in your Heart & Soul?

  • Heart & Soul Photobox Introducing Heart & Soul Photobox ~ I've been noticing a little trend in the "photo world" recently, well actually ever since 2005... Ever since smart phones started to apparently take "really good photos". There are less photos printed in the world. There are home[...]
  • Holiday Photo Print Challenge 2015

  •   Above Photo: Reid & Ben .... age 4.... now Seniors at Bishop England. Remember when you took your roll of film down to the local printer and decided on "1 or 2 copies" before you ever saw the actual photos? Remember the excitement of picking them up and searching through the ent[...]
  • Heart & Soul Photobox

  • What's in your Heart & Soul? Hello and thank you for reading my blog post about my new passion... The Heart & Soul Photobox. I will keep this post very short and just "introduce" this very newest product. What is a Heart & Soul Photobox? The tiny box contains 100 - 4x6 photos of my k[...]