Who’s in your Heart & Soul?

Heart & Soul Photobox

Introducing Heart & Soul Photobox ~ I’ve been noticing a little trend in the “photo world” recently, well actually ever since 2005… Ever since smart phones started to apparently take “really good photos”. There are less photos printed in the world. There are homes with empty frames and no pictures of their kids growing up. It’s almost become a ghost town of family photos. People are taking all these great photos and then they just sit there on a phone, on a computer, just floating out there in cyberspace. It’s a shame that everyone thinks they will have these photos “forever”, but the truth is that “digital” is not forever. In the blink of a lightening strike, all your photos can be gone. When your harddrive fails, your photos will be gone. Unless… you print them.

As a professional photographer, I love actual printed photos. I love the way they feel. I love that I can select a special photo of my kids and put it in a frame so that I can see it every day. I think the rest of the world likes printed photos too, but no one knows where to print them, much less has the time to organize the gazillion photos they have taken. Until now…. enter “Heart & Soul Photobox”. This is a special box that holds 100 of your favorite photos. Let me explain…. when you purchase a Heart & Soul Photobox, we will help you organize and export 100 of your favorite photos within our hour free consultation, print those photos for you, and you will receive a beautiful photobox with 100 photos as well as a flashdrive that archives all of those photos. You can print 10 favorite photos from the past 10 years or you can print 100 photos from just a few years. You get to select your favorites to put in your photobox. Think of all the photos of your family vacations, birthday parties, baby’s first steps or even your best family dog that you can print.If this sounds like something that you might love for your home, please contact me (Lynn) through this link. I would love to speak to you about your very own Heart & Soul Photobox.

So…. who’s in your Heart & Soul?