Top 5 reasons to love & learn photography

I often have this thought: “What would the world look like or feel like without art?” Paintings, music, drawings, theater and yes, photography. I know it’s kind of an odd thought, but that’s just the world I live in sometimes. And so thinking about that, I think how silent it would be without music. Can you imagine driving in the car or entertaining guests for dinner with no music?  What about having no colorful paintings on our walls… oh so sad. Art pretty much makes the world a happier place… so if you have ever thought about learning photography, but have never taken the time, I have thought of so many great reasons to make time now. You will be amazed at how fun it is and how much joy it will bring you. If you ever want some “photo advice” just contact me… I’d love to talk to you. Photography has definitely made my world a happier place!

Here are 5 reasons to love & learn photography:

1. You can create “art” however you see it.
2. You get to meet all sorts of people on your travels.
3. Staying up late editing photos is actually fun, but it’s your job, but it’s fun.
4. A single photo can mean the world to someone.
5. Your camera lens can see things totally different than you can.

One last one: Where would the world be without photography?